In Pack Plus we not only try to follow the market trends but also anticipate them by implementing innovative solutions for packaging and labels. Below we present examples of solutions that have been recently implemented:

Packaging and labels with biocidal coatings
By special additive to standard disperiosn varnish we create a coating which neutralizes bacteria and germs. It stopes them from  spreading  from packaging to hands which may have a function for example in packaging for kid's toys.

Special glue for lamination of corrugated board 
The glue has an increased biodegradability. As a result packaging decompose quicker in compariosn to standard ones.

Extended life-time packaging-
Use one of our ready-made concepts or get our specialist from R&D department to create a new solution that extends the life of the packaging. 
Turn the packaging into a garage, a dollhouse, an office organizer or a colorful flower pot ... there are plenty of possibilities!

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