BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials

BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials global standard for packaging and packaging material is a standard defining the management system requirements for packaging producers.

It was created by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute of Packaging (IoP) in 2001. BRC/IoP contains hygiene and plant production requirements as well as a quality management system that will lead to the creation of a product that meets the quality and safety requirements.

BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials is mainly intended for food packaging, but it’s creators want it to be included in other industries as well. The objective of standard is assuring of the customer that he will receive a packaging that meets his expectations and protecting the product in a sufficient manner.
BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials divides the products into three categories:

1st  category - packaging intended for packing high-risk products (high-risk product is a product intended for human consumption, cosmetics in contact with the skin or products for babies, e.g. Food, cosmetics) and having direct contact with such products;
2nd category - packaging intended for high risk products and not directly related to them;
3rd category - packaging intended for products where there is little risk of not being affected by hygiene, safety of the product
Depending on belonging to a given category the standard contains three types of requirements for each category separately, except that for the first category they are the most sharpened and for the third the least.
Requirements regardless of the category are defined in the following chapters:

1 - Responsibility for management and continuous improvement
2 - Risk and risk management system
3 - Technical management system
4 - Requirements for the plant
5 - Product and process control;
6 - Staff
BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials system in a large generalization includes elements occurring in ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. It also consists of elements of GMP and GHP (Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practice), hazard and risk analysis.

Pack Plus is certified with BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials​ since 2014.  It's requirements correspond precisly with main aims of company of delivering high quality and safe packaging. It also requires monitoring and constant improvment of managment and production processes which is closely related to Pack Plus's startegy. 

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FSC® - C113641

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an independent non-governmental organization established in 1993 by representatives of 25 countries, which include: environmental organizations, trade organizations, foresters, representatives of the timber industry, indigenous peoples and certification bodies. The organization is one of the most recognized groups promoting forest certification standards worldwide.
FSC® is based on two solutions:
A - Forest management certificate, for companies that manage forest resources
B - Certificate of the supply chain for companies using forest products (furniture manufacturers, printing houses, pulp industry and others.) to confirm the traceability of wood.

The certificate assure  customers that the products purchased by them were made of raw materials from well-managed forests, which means that they are legally used and providing security to employees. What is more, at every stage of supply chain sources of raw and recycled materials are verified.  

Learn more about FSC here ->  https://ic.fsc.org/en